Greater Dandenong District

Environment day The LORAX

Lorax 1

Noble Park Lowana Guides

One of the high lights of our term program was gaining our Centenary of the ANZAC badge. We had visit from retiring Colonel O’Dell who shared some of his personal knowledge and military memorabilia. The Guides compared the difference in a digger’s uniform to modern day uniform, their gear and weight carried, conditions of fighting, communications and shared a letter from Gallipoli, looked at medals along with other memorabilia. We then shared a typical meal/ rations the diggers would have eaten and had a billy tea. Jessica’s Dad came to share his Grandfather uniform from the WW1 RIF and we explored photos of Girl Guides experiences and contributions in War time both WW1 and WW2. We also re- in acted the famous Cooee march to recruit soldiers for the WW1. Noble Park Guides also participated in both the Noble RSL ANZAC service as well as Dandenong.

Noble Park RSL ANZAC, Guides 101 Noble Park RSL ANZAC, Guides 110 Noble Park RSL ANZAC, Guides 143 - Copy

Our Program has also included -Making possum pouches for WIRES, a ‘slippers theme’ night with Mothers/ cuppa for Cancer, a printing night, scissors badges and a campfire run by Guides for their JBP.


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