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Kingston District – Mentone & Carrum Girl Guides

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Carrum Girl Guides meets Tuesdays at Carrum Community Guide Hall (Gumnuts and Junior Guides 6:15-7:30pm, Seniors 7:15-8:30pm)

Mentone Girl Guides meets Mondays at Parkdale Secondary College

Mentone : Bush Babies Camp is coming … Term 3 2016

Parent Information Night at 6.30pm on Monday 1 August

Bush Babies First Notice

Collecting Phones to save the Gorillas!

We’re calling on you….
My name is Phoebe. I am 10 years old and am a Girl Guide with the Mentone-Parkdale group. I recently completed my Junior BP Award and as part of the Service Challenge I collected old/used mobile phones for the Save the Gorilla Campaign – They’re Calling on You – which is run by the Melbourne Zoo.

One of the biggest threats to gorillas is the illegal mining of coltan, a mineral used in mobile phones. Coltan mining is destroying the natural habitat of the gorilla. Melbourne Zoo uses the money raised from donated phones to support Gorilla Doctors, an organisation which works to protect Eastern Lowland and Mountain gorillas. Donated phones are refurbished and resold or recycled for their parts, which reduces the demands for coltan mining in threatened gorilla habitat.

I ran the campaign over 2 months and called for donations from my Grade 4 classmates at school, my fellow Girl Guides, my mum and dad’s work, mum’s Book Club and friends and family. It is amazing how many old phones are out there just sitting in drawers and gathering dust. I managed to collect 108 phones for forwarding onto the Zoo!
It’s an easy thing to do – the phones don’t even need to be in working order. So why don’t you consider calling on your friends and help the environment and the gorillas as well!


Phoebe - Mobile phone drive (1)

Mentone Girl Guides ANZAC Day 

The weekend before Anzac Day, some of the Mentone Girl Guides attended a concert at the Shrine of Remembrance called “The Anzac on the Wall.” Written and performed by Jim Brown and Vince Brophy, the concert featured songs, stories, and poetry. The performance captured the spirit of the Anzacs and their families, “not only caring about their mates but eager to hear news from home. The Aussie ‘Have a go’ spirit was born.” A number of songs were played on the Lone Pine guitar, which was made from a limb of the Lone Pine. This beautiful instrument featured special artwork of a Digger below the Southern Cross with the words from the Ode, “At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them,” and “Lest we forget.” The guitar was made by Andy Allen of Maton Guitars and borrowed with kind permission from The Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance.


It was really interesting to listen to the songs and poems they wrote about people going to fight in WW1 and the hardships that their families faced. They had a special guitar made from Lone Pine, planted by a veteran. The tree had to be cut down due to weather. Instead of letting it go to waste, they made a special guitar.  I learned that horses are sensitive animals knowing when there master won’t be coming back. Roisin

I liked the show and it wasn’t what I expected. They said that someone took some lone pine back from Gallipoli which was then planted at the shrine. Later the tree was struck by lightning but a guitar maker made it into a guitar that they played. They sang songs and told stories about World War one. I found it interesting. Mary

We went on the train and tram to the Shrine of Remembrance. I wasn’t expecting the theatre to be under the Shrine and we got great seats. The play is the story of Danny Clancy, a light horseman who travelled to Gallipoli and France in WWI. The story was told through music, humour and poetry. They used guitars and people sang along with the words on the screen. They told us the story behind the music. One of the guitars was made from a branch of the Shrines’ old Lone Pine tree. It was the called the Lone Pine guitar. We had a great time and thanks to our leaders! Chloe


Carrum Guides 2016



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