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Southern Region Girl Guides 2017 Calendar of Events

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JOTA / JOTI 2016

Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) and Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) is an annual event in which around 500,000 Scouts and Guides from all over the world make contact with each other by means of amateur radio & on the internet. JOTI connects Guides and Scouts on the internet through Scout-operated Internet chat rooms such as ScoutLink as well as MSN, email, webpages, blogs… you can even use voice communication!

Southern Region are hosting a fabulous event at HMAS Cerberus! Sleep under the stars, particpate in JOTA / JOTI & other exciting activities during this event.




JOTA JOTI Information – Leaders

JOTA JOTI Information – Youth


Region Camp

auroraMy name is Aurora. I stayed in the Green house with Hayley, Amily B and Jayda. I also met some new friends. Their names were Amily, Emily, Jayda, and much, much more. I loved the rope bridge. It was so much fun. I was so tired after camp fire that couldn’t brush my teeth but I tried.

Hi my name is Grace, I slept in a tent for the first time ever! My favourite activity was the Self defence. I did stop bouncing around for weeks doing all the skills I learnt in self defence. Our instructor was wonderful to teach us all these things. My favourite food was the chocolate pudding. It was so yummy. We learn some new campfire songs and I taught these to my unit when we had a camp fire night.
Hi my name is Jemma. I slept in a tent for the first time on camp. I really enjoyed all the activities. My favourite things on camp was making the fabric clowns. My favourite food was the french toast for breakfast and I also liked the campfire. I sang some songs to the Lowana Guides.

My name is Sophia. I stayed in a tent for the first time. I made a friend and her name is Natalie!/ My favourite activity was Geo -Caching/ I was annoyed that someone moved the boxes so we couldn’t find them. Sleeping outside was awesome!. I want to sleep in a tent every camp! The milo was SO yummy. The tents were really big and fun! Camp was the best

On camp I enjoyed self defence & geocaching. We got the chance to sleep in a tent. I was in the blue sub camp. I made a new friend named Paige. Camp was fun. Jessica – Narre Warren North

At camp we got to make s’mores with marshmallows and chocolate biscuits. I made a pair of purple tie dyed socks. I climbed across the rope bridge. Camp was lots of fun. Amira – Narre Warren North


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