Adventure Guides

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 Southern Region Adventure Guides (11-17)

Junior Adventure Guides (8-10)

*Monthly activities for girls aged 11-17

*Quarterly activities for girls 10+

*Junior Adventure Guides 8-10 quarterly activities

what-is-it What Is Southern Region Adventure Guides Flyer with details

what-is-it What Is Southern Region Junior Adventure Guides Flyer with details


2017 Adventure Guides Activities:

Swimming with the Dolphins

Enchanted Maze High Ropes


Melbourne Aquarium Behind the Scenes

Clip n’ Climb

Showtime and GESAC Sleepover

Peninsula Hot Springs

Adventure Guide and Junior Adventure Guide Indoor Camp

Funfields Waterpark



We Introduced Junior Adventure Guides this year for 8-10 year olds!

Junior Adventure Guides 2016 Activities included:

Term 1 PARC Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre Pool Party

Term 2 Inflatable World, Dandenong

Term 3 South Metro Showtime

Term 4 Enchanted Maze High Ropes

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2016 Adventure Guides Activities:

Luna Park Fun Day!



img_0846 img_0850 img_0885img_0859 img_0865 img_0878img_0871 img_0881

Lazy Camp

img_0567 img_0572 img_0582 img_0589 img_0593 img_0594

Sidetracked Entertainment Complex

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Outdoor Abseiling

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Outdoor Camping and Caving



Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Disney Themed Sleep Over

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On the 20th June, I did a guide sleep over, it was Awesome! There we so many activities, my favourite was girly stuff like makeup, lipstick and facials. I liked this because me and my partner laughed so much. Then we watched movies all night. I fell asleep during the third movie because I was so exhausted. The next day we had a bit of a sleep in. When everyone woke up we watched another movie and had breakfast in bed. We didn’t have enough time to finish because we needed to pack up, luckily I already packed up my stuff so I wouldn’t have to rush. I am so happy I came, I would have regretted it if I didn’t. By far this is the best camp I have ever been on!
Emily, 11, Mt Eliza


On the 20th June, I went to the BEST girl guide sleepover night ever! At the end I didn’t want to go, and I wanted to do it all again because it was soooooooo FUN! There was only 13 girls so the food wasn’t the cheap stuff, and we got yummy breakfast, dinner, snacks and dessert. The activities were so awesome. Making delicious scones in a homemade oven was fantastic. My mouth was watering at the yummy smells coming from outside. We also did a spa session, which was filed with hand creams, fragrances, bath salts and lots of unusual ingredients (I must do it at home with my mum!). There was also a whole lot of time to just do what we wanted to do. Make up, craft, playing board games, the only limit was our imagination! Before we got started on the movies there was also a wedding in which we all attended. At the end we all fell about laughing it was so fun. Now drumroll……the best part….MOVIES! We got to choose what we watched and how many. It was great since you didn’t have to watch them if you didn’t want to. In total we watched five movies and I stayed up till four o’clock in the morning.
Anna, Mt Eliza

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  1. On the 12th of August I went to a Showtime sleepover with guides it was the best. First we went to see the Showtime whitch had a ton of different acts. Then we went to the guide hall to watch a movie and go to bed. The next day we went to gesac, and then we went home.

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