Casey District

Narre Warren Butterfly Guides

“I like the campfire I have been to at guides, I got to try cooking marshmallows.  I really really loved the bowling night. That was so much fun! It was the first time I had been bowling and I want to go again.” Erin, 5 years
“I had fun at the Dad sports night we had.  The Butterfly Guides and Poppy Guides were together.  My Dad had to do everything three times because I have two sisters in Poppy Guides.  It was fun watching the Dads get beaten at hockey.  My Dad got disqualified at the car racing because he picked up the tyre and ran.  My Dad had to spin around the bottle a lot so he got really dizzy.  I liked the elephant bowling the best because I won.  I loved that.” Matilda, 8
Narre Warren Guides Elephant Bowling at Dad's Sports Night

Narre Warren Guides Elephant Bowling at Dad’s Sports Night

Narre Warren Guides – Tree Day

Guides from Narre Warren units joined the City of Casey Tree day event, planting trees to create a native habitat in the area.

Berwick Stars

At the beginning of term 2 Narre Warren South girl guides merged with Berwick guides. 6 Kookaburra guides went into Berwick bugs. 8  sparkle guides  started a new 8-11 year old group which became Berwick stars. Berwick stars now have 12 girls.




Girls in grades 5/6 from Casey District had a great time at the Earthkeepers camp. 19 Guides and one junior leader came from Cranbourne, Hampton park, hallam, narre warren north, narre Warren south and Berwick. They completed the traing to become an Apprentice Earthkeeper. They earnt 2 keys to open the secret boxes to learn the secret meaning of EM. They still need to complete a couple more challenges to earn the last two keys and open the locked boxes.The girls had a great time discovering the secrets and learning about the Earth. Thank you to Barb, Eileen and Mandy for running the program and thanks to Michele and Louise for looking after the guides.

Melanie LIC

Time at Guides

Something’s I have enjoyed this term are making candles for Mother’s Day and doing the Anzac Day service. It was so much fun.
Something else I enjoyed was making new friends. I also enjoyed trying to guess the age of the trees at our hall. It was lots of fun – Abi – Narre Warren North Guides

Snoozefest on Safari

I went to Snoozefest with 500 other girl guides from different suburbs in Victoria. We went on 2-5-15.
The Snoozefest is where we went to the zoo and slept the night. We slept in tents. Now I will move on to the actual thing about sleeping there.
We stayed at the Werribee Zoo. We went for a night wal and tried to see the animals, it was hard to see as it was so dark. I did see two animals though. The animals were an African Wild Dog and the Hippopotamus. I heard an Orangutan make a ‘Hoo Hoo’ kind of noise as well. After our night walk we came back and there were different activities on at different times. We also played on the playground and had dinner which was burgers. Night time snack was fruit and a hot chocolate. Well that’s all, so good night. BYE! Amber

We went to Snoozefest on the 2nd May. It was really fun and I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was going on the big swing and playing with Amy and Amber. I loved sleeping in the big tent with Amber, amy and Larissa.
When we arrived at the zoo I was really excited but it was hard carrying all my stuff because it was really heavy. At night time there were activities and Amber and I dressed up for a photo at the photobooth. I bought 3 badges and a girl guides pencil. I really enjoyed the camp because it was my first time going on a girl guides camp. Alisha

Alisha and Amber Snoozefest on Safari Soozefest on Safari 2

Soozefest on Safari

Rainbow Night

I liked the Rainbow Night we had at Butterfly Guides this term.  I liked dressing up in lots of colours.  We made a butterfly suncatcher in all the colours of the rainbow.  We made jars of rainbow sand.  We played some games and ate rainbow fruit.



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